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Excellent work

Great use of music, original sounds.
Lots of nods and jokes about Wind Waker.
Awesome animation, superb voice acting.
All in all, fantastic.
Keep it up.
(Just a suggestion: Wind Waker menu for the postload instead of that spoiler-ish still frame)

Good work

The music was really a killer though. Keep in mind that the OST has been released, and there are versions to be found online, although I don't condone piracy HEM HEM it would drastically improve audio quality to use those instead.


Very good work. The sound is not spectacular, but good enough for this piece. The visuals on the sphere were quite impressive. What software did you use? Obviously not flash, because everything is pre-rendered.

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Nice try

It's clear a lot of effort went into this game. However, it all just doesn't work. The music is uninspired and tinny, any attempt at level design is nowhere to be found, the graphics are muddy and choppy, and the menus and storyline are vapid and time-consuming. It's hard to distinguish the background for character elements and pickups, the AI is a complete joke, and it's just not fun. I apologize for the harshness of this review, but in all honesty the creators of this game need a good lesson in game design. You have the elements of a good game, and it's clear you had considerable drive to produce this, but the execution was botched to a stunning degree. I, however, look forward to your next game, where hopefully you will have learned something from creating Mr. Gunface.


It was a vaguely good clone of Battle City, and all the code was there. However, the sound, music, and grammar was awful. Altogether not a fun experience.

Nice game, it's as smart as most of my friends.

"Knock Knock"
"Who's There?"
"Doctor Who?"
This is why I love text-based games.

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Blam this horrendous piece of non-musical trash. A song this is not.

Conal responds:

You're right.


1. A short poem or other set of words set to music or meant to be sung.
2. Singing or vocal music: "the young men broke into song".

Good Start

This is a great start. However, the drums definitely need punching up, they sound far too analogue and simple. The bass is nice, but it could use less stereo split and some kind of lowpass, that high-end is just awful. Keep on with this. 3:05 was a cool bass break and I would enjoy hearing that sound in the main piece.

Party in my Garden

This track is part of Newgrounds history. Thank you for allowing over 100 thousand people to dance in their gardens.

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The dopest. 1920x1200 plz? Maybe on black? I'll be your best friendd

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