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2012-03-04 21:08:42 by digitaldamage

I'm moving to SoundCloud for my music portfolio. Make sure to head that direction and follow me to stay up on free downloads of all my newest stuff. There's a lot of WIP stuff that doesn't traditionally make it to Newgrounds as well. Enjoy!

-Ben London, aka Digital Damage

New Album Art

2010-02-04 01:41:54 by digitaldamage

This here is my new album art, for use in my download album on ReverbNation, which has all of my history of song-writing, as well as the more current stuff I actually put on here. What say ye, fans?

Keep listening,
-Digital Damage

P.S. If you want to look at the store, check out its glossy pay-as-you-go excellence here!
Digital Damage Official Store

New Album Art